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Stomach Sleeper mattress advice

Stomach sleepers mostly sleep on their stomach which may lead to stiffness, in the neck or back and also cause pain. The situation may get worse as night passes by. In this article, we are going to discuss everything important related to stomach sleeping including getting the right type of mattress.

About stomach sleeping

According to studies, it has been found that stomach sleeping is the most uncommon sleeping positions. There are only 10% of the people who prefer to sleep like this. In this particular position, the sleepers turn their neck to one side and put their hands under the head while bending their knee towards the head. This sleeping position is considered to be the worst of all the sleeping positions.

What are the most important mattress considerations for stomach sleepers?

Sleeping on your stomach is not at all recommended as it may cause a lot of problems. However, it may feel to be the most comfortable position which is why it is hard to change your habits. For people who are stomach, sleepers should look for the right type of mattress in order to reduce the impact. Let’s look into the various factors that a stomach sleeper is required to consider in order to optimize their mattress.

  1. Responsiveness: A responsive mattress is known to provide cushioning and support to your body while sleeping. The level of support provided by your mattress depends on the fact that how responsive it is to your body’s pressure and weight. Stomach sleepers should get a mattress that is responsive enough to provide support to their torso without letting the stomach to sag deeply.


  1. Firmness: By firmness of a mattress we mean the feel and the softness and the comfort provided by your mattress. Stomach sleepers should avoid the use of mattresses that are plush. That’s because it lets the stomach sink deeply and thus, making it hard for you to breathe. However, mattresses that are extremely firm may also cause problems for the stomach sleepers as they may not find the right comfort while sleeping. This is why stomach sleepers should always look for medium-firm mattresses.


  1. Proven reviews: Before going for a mattress you should always check the reviews here at given by other stomach sleepers. This will help you to know whether the mattress is right for you or not.


  1. Durability: Since mattress is something that is used every day, you are required to look for a mattress that can withstand the challenges. The durability of the mattress is what determines it’s lifespan. Mattresses may weaken in the center where the most pressure is applied. This in return may cause serious problems in stomach sleepers which is durability should be the first factor while buying a mattress.

Stomach sleeper mattress advice?

  1. Materials quality: The layering and the design of the mattress are two important factors. However, at the same time, you also need to consider the materials that have been used to make the mattress. If your mattress is made with shoddy materials then it is more likely to cause problems. In order to get a quality mattress, you should always look for the specifications.


  1. Well-designed comfort layer: If the comfort layer of the mattress is not thick enough then, it is not at all worthy for use for a stomach sleeper as it will not be able to provide with the right support that is required. Therefore, you should always look for a mattress that has a comfort layer of at least 3 inches.


  1. Excellent value: If you are looking for a high-quality mattress, it is obvious that you may have to spend a bit more. But then it is also important to get a high-quality mattress without wrecking your bank balance. This is why you should do your research right before, you actually visit the showroom.


  1. Easy, no-risk returns: Easy, the no-risk return is one of the most common features that is offered when you shop mattresses online. According to the policy of the company you are provided with a sleep trial. During this period you can actually use the mattress in your home for a specific period of time.

What else to take into account?

  1. Pillow type: Selecting the right pillow is also important, especially for the stomach sleepers. This is because many pillows can cause spinal misalignment. In most cases, it has been found that most stomach sleepers are better off without a pillow. However, they can make use of a pillow in order to get extra support.


  1. Neck stretches: If you are a stomach sleeper who turns his/her head on one side during sleeping then you should know that it may cause problems in the long run. Placing your neck in that position for an extended period can put a strain in your neck muscles and thus, you may want to stretch after waking up.

What types of mattresses are available?

  1. Foam: These type of mattresses are only made of foam. However, there are various types of foam mattresses available out there which include viscoelastic and polyfoam. The softness of the mattress is dependent on your body weight and pressure and also on the thickness of the foam.


  1. Latex: Mattresses that are made of latex are generally a bit expensive than the other types of mattresses that are available out there. However, the prices of the same have reduced in the recent years. Latex mattresses are mainly known for their bounce and it can also provide responsive support to your body.


  1. Innerspring: This type of mattresses comes with metal coils inside it which are known to provide you with the support that you need. This type of mattresses can spring back when they are compressed with body weight. However, the characteristics of the mattress depending on the number of metal coils it has.


  1. Hybrid: A hybrid mattress is known to have metal coils as it’s base layer. It also makes use of other materials like foam, latex or polyfoam. A mattress is considered to be a hybrid when all these materials have a thickness of about 3 inches or more above the spring core. The metal coils provide more support.


  1. Airbed: This is one of the most popular types of mattresses that you can use. The feel of these types of mattresses can be controlled by an app or a remote control. With the help of the controls, you can remove or add air to the mattress. It provides a great level of control in the hands of the users.

If you are a stomach sleeper then getting the right kind of mattress is of utmost importance only if, you do not face problems later on. With the help of the guide given above, you will be able to choose the right sleeping mattress for you.

November 3, 2018