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Find out everything about Skip Bayless’s wife Ernestine Sclafani

John Edward Bayless II or better known as Skip Bayless is a well-known television personality because although he stands out more like a sports commentator on channels such as ESPN2 and Fox Sport 1, he also plays as an actor. But as the saying goes “behind a great man, there is a great woman” is precisely from Skip Bayless’s wife Ernestine Sclafani to who this content will be dedicated.

s born in 1962 on Long Island and although very little is known about her youth and other family information; she is known to have trained at the Suffolk Country Community College. Upon graduation, she ventured into the public relations sector, where in the 1990s she became part of the team of the Ball of Switzerland company, in which she managed to position herself as Director of Public Relations. Ten years later, she joined the company Vice Shandwick, where she holds the position of vice president up to the present.

With respect to how Skip Bayless’s wife Ernestine Sclafani became, it is known that they met at a business meeting of the sports channel ESPN. From that moment, after exchanging cards, they began to see each other eventually; although they agreed to always put forward their careers. However, sometime later they decided to join their lives definitively in marriage when Ernestine was 55 years old. In this sense, she became the second wife of the sports commentator since he was married for many years with his high school sweetheart.

To this day, marriage leads a happy life in which they have managed to maintain a perfect balance between their work commitments and their life as a couple. This is because they are practically not seen during the week because of the occupations of each one, however, on weekends they dedicate it to them, enjoying some movies during their leisure time.

On the other hand, the patrimonial value of Skip Bayless’s wife Ernestine Sclafani is estimated to be $ 1 million net, as a result of her own work as a public relations officer. However, she also owns a considerable sum of approximately $ 7 million that she shares with her husband.

November 6, 2018